Exhibitor’s Contact List

Here is the link to a Map of Exhibitors 2015.

4 Cook Inlet RCAC www.circac.org
21 Cummins Northwest http://www.cumminsnorthwest.com
7 Prince William Sound RCAC http://www.pwsrcac.org
22 Kodiak Chamber of Commerce www.kodiakchamber.org
42 Kodiak Crab Fest www.kodiakchamber.org
9 Alaska Roteq http://akroteq.com
3 Fitch Fuel Catalyst http://www.powerfuelsavers.com
18 Bulletproof Nets Inc http://bulletproofnets.com
20 Samson Tug and Barge http://www.samsontug.com
43 KMXT http://www.kmxt.org/
11 WESMAR http://www.wesmar.com
41 Pacific Fishing Magazine http://www.pacificfishing.com/
5 CDC/NIOSH http://www.cdc.gov/niosh/topics/fishing
15 Pacific Marine Power http://www.pacificmarinepower.com/
8 Division of Economic Development — State of AK http://commerce.state.ak.us/dnn/ded/Home.aspx
10 Spurs Marine http://www.spursmarine.com
12 Kolstrand http://www.kolstrand.com
6 Kodiak Marine Supply http://www.kodiakmarinesupply.com/
16&17 Cascade Engine Center http://www.cascadeengine.com
40 Kodiak Maritime Museum http://www.kodiakmaritimemuseum.org
26 AK Dept of Fish and Game http://www.adfg.alaska.gov
34 Cook InletKeeper http://inletkeeper.org
33 AVTEC – Alaska Institute of Technology http://www.avtec.edu
30 Mustad Autoline Inc. http://mustadautoline.com/
31 U.S.C.G. Communications Station Kodiak http://www.uscg.mil/pacarea/comstaKodiak/
39 Pacific Boat Brokers www.pacificboatbrokers.com
13 North Pacific Fuel http://www.petrostar.com/
32 Fishing Physics http://www.fishing-physics.com
23 Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute www.alaskaseafood.org
24 Satellite Technical Services www.satellitealaska.com
27 NOAA Dept of Commerce www.alaskafisheries.noaa.gov
35 Kodiak College & Kodiak Marine Science Center http://www.koc.alaska.edu/commercial%20fishing     https://www.sfos.uaf.edu/fitc/           
28 NOAA Office of Marine and Aviation Operations www.MOC.NOAA.gov
38 Life Med Alaska www.lifemedalaska.com
14 Nichols Brothers Boat Builders www.nicholsboats.com
1 Net Systems http://www.net-sys.com/
2 Bekina NV www.bekina.be/en
25 Radar Marine www.RadarMarine.com
44 Kodiak Regional Aquaculture Association www.kraa.org
5A GCI http://www.gci.com/
19 Marco Global www.marcoglobal.com
29 Diversified Business Comm. www.divcom.com
36 University of Alaska South East http://www.uas.alaska.edu/